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Teenage Class

Ignite the Spirit of Adventure

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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Service Description

KMA Mini Dragon Class: Ignite the Spirit of Adventure for Ages 6-7 Attention, young adventurers! Keijo Martial Arts Academy, LLC presents our Mini Dragon Class, specially crafted for children ages 6 to 7. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating martial arts journey that will ignite your child's spirit of adventure and instill valuable life skills along the way. Our Mini Dragon Class is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging experience for children at this exciting stage of their development. Led by our experienced instructors, we create a positive and supportive environment where your child can thrive, grow, and have a blast while learning martial arts. In each class, your child will embark on a thrilling exploration of martial arts techniques, empowering them with new skills and boosting their self-confidence. From basic stances and strikes to kicks and blocks, our instructors guide the Mini Dragons through age-appropriate exercises that enhance their coordination, strength, and agility. We understand that children of this age are full of energy and curiosity, so we incorporate interactive games, team challenges, and exciting drills into our classes. These activities not only make learning martial arts fun but also develop important life skills such as focus, discipline, respect, and perseverance. At Keijo Martial Arts Academy, we believe in fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Our Mini Dragon Class provides an opportunity for your child to build friendships with like-minded peers who share their enthusiasm for martial arts. Through cooperative exercises and group activities, they learn the value of collaboration and support. In addition to physical skills, our Mini Dragons also develop important character traits that extend beyond the dojo. We encourage positive behavior, reinforce good manners, and engage in discussions about respect for oneself and others. These valuable life lessons help your child become a well-rounded individual both on and off the training floor. Safety is paramount to us, and our instructors ensure a secure environment for your child's training. We maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio, allowing for individual attention and guidance. Our instructors are skilled in adapting techniques to suit each child's abilities, ensuring that your Mini Dragon feels comfortable and confident throughout their martial arts journey.

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