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Shannon Blunt

Sensei 1st Dan

Greetings. I am Sensei Shannon Blunt, Shodan 1st degree Black Belt of the U.S.G.K (Universal Shorei Goju Karate System). I have been a student and training in the field of Martial Arts and self-defense for twenty-three years now. As a student under the teachings of Professor Shihan Kewan Dixon, and a descendent of the lineage of Master Jimmy Jones and Master Shujin Benjamin J. Peacock, I have been well groomed and grown to be a successful and formidable fighter, as well as a scientifically proficient teacher and instructor. 


       By embracing the morals and values of my forefathers, I intend to instill confidence, focus, balance, discipline, awareness, flexibility, physical fitness, and self-defense into the hearts and minds of the students. Along with the traditional forms merged of the Chinese Goju and Japanese Shorei Karate systems. I’ve been instructing for 14yrs and counting now. Since the rank of Purple Belt Shichi Kyu, in my home dojo of KEIJO Martial Arts Academy; (Owner and Head Instructor Professor Shihan Kewan Dixon). Since being promoted to Black Belt in June of 2018, I have been Owner and Head Instructor of Fighting Black Leopards Martial Arts Academy.


  At this present time, I do not own a studio brick and mortar dojo space. However, I offer the services of a full functioning Martial Arts program in partnership with facilities interested in allowing the sessions to take place in their space. I have successfully run a weekend class for all ages for the residents of a building complex with the usage of their event hall for the last five years. In partnership and contracted by the building management and property program director. I have been able to provide an excellent experience in the education of Martial Arts for all ages in this complex.


  I have also been functioning as a third-party sub-contractor through CPS, teaching a after school karate program for the last five years in various schools on the North, South, and West sides of the city. In these days and times our youth more than anything can really benefit from programs like this. Giving them an alternative to the mundane things that occur to our young with unoccupied time, idle minds and hands (crime, drugs, gangs).

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