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 Kewan Dixon

Shihan 7th Dan 

The Infamous Bruce Lee did a lot for the youth of this country by inspiring them to take interest in the martial arts, including Kewan Dixon, head instructor at the 3 Circles School of Karate and Physical Fitness, Inc. 

In 1984, young Kewan Dixon under the guidance of Sensei Ed Cattenhead began what would be one of the most important things in his life. Studying the art of “Kempo” at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago three days a week taught him that with dedication, perseverance and the yearning for success, anything can be accomplished. 

By 1986, Sensei Dixon was ready to learn everything there was to know about the martial arts. He searched for an instructor who would eventually be his mentor. 

He found Sensei Benjamin J. Peacock who at the time was a 5th degree black belt and had his own school in Bellwood, Illinois. 

Sensei Peacock was one of the best Godans in the Universal Shorei Goju Ryu Style of Karate in the martial arts field.

Sensei Dixon admired the work of Sensei Peacock and began to learn things that he never dreamed of learning before. He followed Sensei Peacock when he moved his school to Chicago’s Northwest Side. And in 1987, during Sensei’s Peacock second annual tournament, Sensei Dixon placed first in Kata and Sparring which motivated him to compete more often and he always went home a winner. 

Sensei Dixon received his Shodan or first degree black belt in 1990. During this time Sensei Dixon competed less and taught more at 3 Circles. He eventually became the assistant instructor in 1991.

He was an Olympic hopeful for the 1992 Winter Olympics and was featured in the Chicago-Sun Times. Holding over two hundred awards Sensei Dixon is now a second degree black belt and by the summer of 1992, Sensei Kewan Dixon became head instructor at Sensei’s Peacock school, by the same name on Chicago’s Southeast Side. 

After years of studying and teaching Sensei Dixon was promoted to a 3rd degree black belt in 1996. He was given permission to start and develop his own program. Sensei Dixon opened several schools with other instructors. But, finally Sensei Peacock told him to be a leader. Sensei did just that, he decided to open his own school in the year 2000. This is when Keijo Martial Arts Academy, Inc. was born. 

The name “Keijo” derived from the partnership of Sensei’s Dixon and Joiner. The letters from each of the Sensei’s name would be joined together to form what would eventually become the name for the academy. “Ke” stood for Kewan and “Jo” represented Joiner which formed “Ke-Jo”. Years later after their departure from one another Sensei Dixon wanted to keep the name so he replaced the dash with the letter “I” in between the “Ke” and the “Jo” to form “Keijo”. He also coined the phrase to mean “It is mine” 

After opening Keijo Martial Arts Academy, Inc. he was promoted to 4th degree black belt and a level of Master in the Universal Shorei Goju System of Karate. 

He received 4th degree black belt in 2002. 

He competed by coming out of retirement and won Grand Championship in Kata at the “Rumble on the Lake” tournament. He also helped pioneer a Karate Program thru the public school system through Prologue Alternative School at the Westside for Youth location on the Westside of Chicago. 

As an economic setback he closed his school that was also located on the North West Side of Chicago in 2004. 

Sensei Dixon reopened in 2006 at Austin Town Hall through the Chicago Park District. He also was elected to be Vice President of the “Westside Martial Arts League”.

In 2008 he started a teaching program through the YMCA for Learn Charter Schools. 

In 2010 he received his 5th degree black belt from Shudin Benjamin Peacock.

He held his first tournament at St Marks Church. 

In 2017 he received his 6th degree black belt/Rokudan Master level from the Karate Administration in which he was a Regional Representative at that time Shudin Benjamin Peacock step down and retired and left Hanchi Kenneth Young in charge. Shihan Dixon transferred his loyalty to Hanchi Kenneth Young as he was asked to do so by Shudin Benjamin Peacock and it still stands till this day. 

In 2022 Shihan Kewan Dixon received his 7th degree black belt/Shichidan under Hanchi Kenneth Young.

Shihan Kewan Dixon continues to teach and develop students under Keijo Martial Arts Academy LLC. In which he is founder and owner.

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