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Jarrod Oden 

Shihan 6th Dan

Bro Sensei Jarrod E Oden /  Bro Jarrod X


Master Oden has been teaching and training in martial arts for over 40 years , giving instruction to students of all levels and background.


Bro Jarrod started his martial arts training in 1981 under Master Edward Cattenhead and him being a student of the late GM James Jones.


In 1982 Bro Jarrod became a students of the late GM Ben Peacock and was a student of GM Peacock for many years studying kumite, kata, and fighting

received 1st degree black belt in 1990 and moved up to the rank of 5th degree blackbelt by 2018


In 1984 Bro Jarrod starting training with fighting skills training  with GM Scorpion until leaving for the military 1991


In 1992 Bro Jarrod trained with Hanshi Terry Bryant in Colorado while being stationed in FT Carson Colorado 4th Infantry Division studying military martial arts and shadow movements.


Sensei Jarrod was critically injured sustaining a broken , leg, and, back. Due to this most unfortunate event he was temporarily paralyzed. The doctors 

had told him that he'd no longer run, fight, or ever be able to do martial arts again.


In 2009 Bro Jarrod Started training under Sifu Demetrious Daniels in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu promoted to rank of red sash.


In 2011 Bro Jarrod became a member of the United Schools of Survival studying VSK Jujitsu Under Grand Master Anthony Muhammed


In 2012 Bro Jarrod trained under Guru Art Chestand in stick and knife fighting.


In 2014 Jarrod training in Bujinkan/ Ninjutsu under Shihan Michael Jones and Shidoshi Eric Strong in 2018 was promoted to 1st degree Black Belt


In 2014 Bro Jarrod trained with Master Richard Muhammed in Karate and Jujitsu and promoted to 4th degree Black Belt in 2016


In 2016 Grand Master Anthony Muhammed introduced Bro Jarrod to his boxing coach the late great Coach Marvin.


In 2018 Master Richard Muhammed promoted Bro Jarrod to the rank of 6th degree Black Belt.


Master Oden has been inducted in Soke Little John Davis Kumite Ryu Jujitsu Hall of Fame 2022, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 2018, Masters of the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame2018, and UMAHoF Supreme Sokeship Council in 2017

Jimmie Ward - Shihan 5th Dan

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